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Our Work

Globally 39 million people are blind; 90% of them live in the developing world. In developing regions, people with cataracts routinely go blind because they cannot afford treatment. Impaired vision in turn impacts their livelihood and ability to support their families. We work to end this cycle of poverty and dependence, helping those who face darkness, fear and uncertainty.

80% of blindness is curable

Yet 80% of blindness can be treated through simple low cost surgery. We provide free eye care for some of the poorest communities in Pakistan.  Our hospitals and clinics are situated in the heart of rural villages and deprived urban areas, serving those who have little access to health care.

Using state of the art equipment and technology, our highly skilled doctors ensure the highest standards of care and compassion for all our patients, giving back dignity, independence and hope.

Our work maximises benefit, not just for individuals but for whole families. Restoring the sight of a father or mother means he or she can return to work and support their families and manage household chores independently. Restoring the sight of a child means he or she can go to school, make new friends, learn and have opportunities that we take for granted. 


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How we help


Care and Compassion

All patients are respected as individuals and treated with dignity.

Clinical Excellence

Investing in the latest technology to provide quality treatment.


Eye screening camps to protect, promote, and maintain health and to prevent disease and disability.