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March 29 2018

Maryam - 37 millionth patient

Maryam was injured in her left eye while playing with her 3 young brothers. 

Her parents borrowed money and took their daughter to an ophthalmologist who diagnosed a cataract in her left eye. Maryam's father, a decorator with a modest income could not afford the surgery. 

Maryam's parents took her to LRBT in Karachi where she received free treatment and was cared for in a specialist paediatric unit. Children are given general anaesthetic and stay overnight, her mummy stayed with her. 

Maryam smiled as the bandages came off and she knew she could see the faces that loved her. She is back at school and everyday, her parents bless the people who gave their daughter her sight back.

Maryam is the 37 millionth patient to be treated at LRBT. 

Please donate so that millions more can have their sight restored.

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