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March 26 2017

Kilimanjaro Challenge

Chinese students Chengyuan and Yuan climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in February 2017 to raise funds for free eye care for the Graham Layton Trust.

Both were doctoral students at Imperial College London and have climbed and trekked in many countries.  The reason Chengyuan decided to support GLT…

“Eye sight is dear to all of us and if I can help people, whoever they are, to save their sight, then I think it is very worthwhile.”

Mount Kilimanjaro, the ‘Roof of Africa’, rises 19,340 feet above sea level. "I love climbing and when I heard of the chance to do it for a good cause, it has made the climbing more meaningful" explains Yuan. 

They raised £5,300 which could provide 10 corneal transplants or 220 cataract surgeries.

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