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October 10 2018

Rimshi - our 39th Millionth Patient

“I can still recall the excruciating pain in my right eye when I tripped and fell on the road 6 years ago. Even though I was very young at that time yet that memory is clear as day.”

At the time, Rimsha was only 3 years old and was rushed to the nearest hospital where she received stitches to stop the bleeding. Rimsha’s eye was red for a couple of weeks after the accident but with time she began complaining that she couldn’t see properly and a white spot started to form on her cornea.

Her father, Zahoor Ahmed, a helper in a factory showed her at the best eye clinics that he could afford on his meager salary but Rimsha’s eye condition did not improve. With another young child to support and rent to pay Rimsha’s father could only do so much. The miracle came in the form of one of the teachers at her school who told them about LRBT.

Rimsha was diagnosed with corneal opacity, meaning she would need a to have a corneal transplant. Rimsha was put on the waiting list for corneas. After a couple of months her wait was over and she had surgery on her right eye.

“Our ordeal is finally over, these six years have been the most difficult of our lives but we thank Allah that our little girl can see again. We cannot ever give back in monetary terms but our heartfelt gratitude and prayers are with the donors and doctors that have made it possible for Rimsha to lead a fulfilling life and achieve her dreams.” – Zahoor Ahmed (Rimsha’s father).