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March 30 2018

"I will be a doctor and help other people too.”

10-year-old Sher from Sukkur came home sobbing uncontrollably when he was asked to leave school - it was the last and final scolding from his Headmaster for not paying attention in class. In reality Sher was unable to see the blackboard and was thus unable to keep up. 

Luckily, Sher’s father, a poor construction supervisor, came across our services while posted near Korangi, Karachi and immediately brought his son to receive free treatment.

Sher was diagnosed with corneal opacity and could be treated with corneal grafts once a donor’s corneas became available. His parents were overjoyed; they finally saw a ray of hope for their son.

Upon receiving the call from LRBT Korangi that a cornea had been donated, his family’s happiness knew no bounds. Sher’s reaction when his bandage came off was a sight to behold. He could not stop smiling and tears kept rolling down his eyes. Upon leaving the hospital, Sher held the doctor’s hand and said:

“Thank you very much. You watch, one day I will be a doctor and help other people too.”

Please help us to ensure others like Sher don’t miss out on the opportunity for a bright future.

Sher is now back at school and will return soon for his left eye’s corneal graft.


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