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March 24 2017

Muhammed Sadiq

Muhammad Sadiq, 58, is a day labourer, supporting a large family.

A day’s work lost is a day of particular hardship. Financial uncertainty causes stress and an unrelenting sense of insecurity but Sadiq is grateful for the little that he has, and thankful for the good health which keeps him going. Muhammad Sadiq is 58 years old and has 9 people to support: his elderly mother, his wife, and 7 children.

When his sight began to fail he got picked for fewer and fewer day jobs. He found himself spending more time at home than at work – something he had not done in over 40 years. At first he hoped it was just the effect of aging but soon he realized it was much more serious than that. He could not afford to see a doctor and life seemed to be on the brink of disaster.

On hearing of his failing sight, a friend suggested Sadiq visit the LRBT hospital in Shahpur for a free examination and treatment. 

Sadiq was diagnosed with a cataract and offered surgery. He is immensely relieved and joyful that his sight is fully restored and he has returned to his job on the building site, glad to be able to take care of his family once more.

“LRBT restored my sight for which I am thankful,” he says. “I am grateful to all those who don’t even know who they are helping, but still make it possible for people like us to resume our lives and our independence. May Allah bless them all!”

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