Feb 2nd, 2018

We celebrate our 37 millionth patient!

Our 37 millionth patient, treated as we welcomed in the New Year!

As we welcomed in the New Year, we celebrated our 37 millionth patient, 6 year old Maryam, whose sight was saved!

She injured her left eye while playing with her 3 young brothers. The local doctor bandaged her eye and sent her home with painkillers. A few days later, her worried father, a painter, took her to an optometrist but he just gave her some eye drops and sent her home. So the eye grew worse and two months later a white spot appeared on it. This time the doctor recommended surgery but seeing that this was completely unaffordable for Maryam’s family, he kindly referred them to our Korangi hospital where she was treated completely free of charge.

Please donate so that millions more can have their sight restored: www.glt.org.uk/act-now